A Message From Willis Spivey

I have always cared more about customers than any other aspect of my job. Too many people have negative home building experiences. The project becomes combative, with team members disagreeing on ideas and implementation and leaving the client out of the process altogether. My philosophy is that building a home should be a collaborative experience. Assemble a team of builders, designers, landscapers, etc. who work together with the customer to build a dream home.

I am always willing to listen to your ideas, needs, and concerns. Never hesitate to call me with a question. I promise to get you an answer. I don’t have former clients. Once you are my client, you become my friend. During the construction process – and days, months, even years after – you are still a friend and should not hesitate to contact me.

The home building process is not a perfect one. But I guarantee with 100 percent certainty that I will do my best to build the perfect house when building your home.