Distinctive Differences

Everyone involved in building a home, from contractors to architects to landscape designers, has one goal: To construct a home the owner will love. What makes Spivey Homes distinctive is our philosophy of how this goal is achieved.
Too often, team members have differing opinions on how a home should be built and have difficulty resolving their differences. The result is a hostile environment for everyone, especially the client. Working with us is a collaborative rather than combative process. Spivey Construction recognizes the importance of working together to implement ideas.

The most important member of our home building team is you. You have thoughts to share and concerns to address, and we will listen. A negative home building experience affects your happiness in your new home. An unhappy homeowner is an unsatisfied client. Spivey Construction takes pride in knowing we have satisfied clients who become our friends.

Is the experience going to be flawless? No. Is it going to be painful? At times, yes. But will you be a satisfied home owner in the end? Absolutely.