Our Process


Spivey builds homes to fit each client’s lifestyle. Whether it’s for enjoying your retirement or raising a growing family, we want to work with you to build your custom home.


A home is comprised of raw materials: cement, bricks, and wood. But building a home involves emotions. You know yourself, your family, and your lifestyle better than anyone. As you’ve lived in other homes and as your life has changed, you’ve cataloged a checklist of features you want your dream home to have. Let’s work together to make your dream home a reality. At Spivey we’ll hear your ideas and incorporate them in a manner that will make you feel at ease.


Being a builder for life is not a cliché. It’s one of our founding principles that carries two meanings.

We build a home to suit your life. What features are important to you? Perhaps it’s a relaxing sitting room in which to enjoy a book. Or a home theatre complete with surround sound for entertaining guests. The first step in our partnership is getting to know you and hearing your input.

Secondly, Spivey Construction is your builder for the life of the home. We envision the positive features you want, while at the same time preemptively noticing issues that may arise. We welcome your feedback and concerns at any time before, during, and after the construction process.


Numbers are critical in the home building process, as we discuss costs, measurements, etc. But the first numbers you receive from Spivey are phone numbers. At Spivey you are not at our mercy, you are part of our team, and have access to us at any time.

We want your home building project to run as smoothly as possible. The best approach to achieving this goal is having all team members involved from the beginning. Completing a puzzle is impossible if pieces are missing. Including contractors in the beginning steps gives you all of the pieces to the puzzle, and piece of mind that your ideas and concerns will be heard and addressed.


Willis Spivey has been in the construction business for 35 years, and is a testament to the notion that your career should be something you enjoy. He builds homes because it’s hands-on, creative, people-oriented, and fun.

At Spivey we have worked with many clients to design specialty buildings, including kennels, observatories, and equestrian facilities. Designing something different is always a fun challenge. Dream big, bring your ideas, and talk to us about how we can help make your unique building a reality.

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