Spivey Cares

Spivey Construction is not only committed to our clients, we are committed to the community in which we live. Our owner, Willis Spivey, has been involved in philanthropic projects for over twenty years. We believe supporting local organizations is the best way for neighbors to help neighbors. As Willis has said, “we may not be able to save the world; but, focusing on our community lets us do our part.”

Spivey was instrumental in the renovation of The Dove House Children’s Advocacy Center. The Dove House is a Statesville-based facility that supports the investigation and prosecution of reported child sexual abuse cases in Iredell and Alexander counties. In a safe and child-friendly environment, the Dove House’s team can coordinate investigations under one roof, rather than multiple buildings which scare and overwhelm the child victims.

In December, 2009, The Dove House held the grand opening of its new 6400 square-foot facility, a home nearly double the size of its original building. A lunch meeting between Willis Spivey and Dove House board member Jack Grossman was the launching pad for the new facility. Upon learning about the Dove House’s mission, Willis immediately wanted to help. Our commitment to the project helped secure donated materials as well as construction and design services from other local businesses. We continue our dedication to the Dove House through fundraising events. Our friend and Dove House board member Jack Grossman is grateful. “Without Spivey, none of this would have been possible,” he said. But we are most grateful to him for the hard work is staff does.

It is a travesty that such organizations are necessary; but, Spivey will continue to support their missions. We are partnering with the Lincoln County Child Advocacy Center in the same manner in which we assisted the Dove House, through construction of a new facility and fundraising efforts.

Nothing is closer to our hearts than the well being of our children. For us it is a true labor of love.